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M A R K E T I N G   &   A D V E R T I S I N G

Does your service need a fresh shot in the arm?

With today’s business competition greater than ever, maintaining a presence in the ever growing commerce jungle can be a real challenge. Constant visibility is paramount to current and long term success. Utilizing simple, low-cost, creative marketing media strategies along the way will not only help you maintain that vital visible edge, but can also promote a healthier business bottom line.

Graphic design based advertising campaigns have outstanding proven track records in product/service marketing. A well designed graphic and/or logo can better help people associate with the identity of your trade, especially in restrictive places.
Short entertainment business promotional videos are also highly effective in capturing the attention of potential prospects and reaching demographics that might otherwise skip over or miss you altogether. People love being entertained and gravitate toward marketing that soothes they're entertainment side. By injecting artistic personality into your advertising will much better drive your service or message home. It need not be expensive or overdramatic, a subtle approach can equally conquer the task and because of it’s entertainment nature, people will also be more likely to remember your business long afterward as well.

B R A N D I N G   &   L O G O

Often times this area of business marketing is underachieved. The importance of establishing and utilizing a graphical identity canʼt be overstated. As your company ventures forward with day to day business, a logo will simultaneously help build your unique identity people can more easily recognize drawing even greater visibility to your trade. Some of the most successful companies in the world have relied on company logo branding to identify and sell their product or service.

If you have a passion for making your business identity flourish, then I share your passion in helping you achieve all your marketing objectives in an artistic entertaining way. I can save you hundreds of ad agency advertising production dollars by creating simple, realistic, cost effective audio/visual media solutions, tailored to your business needs. I look forward to expanding your ideas and making your vision a reality.


Government/Urban Planning
Real Estate
Sales & Marketing


Graphic Design
Hand Drawn Graphic Artwork
Business Promotional Videos
Logo Design & Creation
Trademark/Service mark Development
Original Company Idendifying Music/SFX
Stop-Motion Photography Animation
Creative Copy Writing/Scripting

Custom Lengths Video/Spot/Cue/Tag/Sounder
Many Formats
Licensing Available
Free Consultation!

RMUSA Graphic designed Business (above) & Sports (below) logo/trademark samples.

Q: I already have marketing materials in place so why spend money for more?

A: There is no such thing as 'over-marketing' your business. The more media choices you make available for prospects to find you, the greater you increase the odds of connecting with those new customers and most importantly keep you from losing them to the competition.

Q: Shouldn't I use an ad agency?

A: You could, they do marvelous work too. However they tend to charge higher premiums according to the size of their overhead and as such, the real bargains may be few and far between.

Q: Do you require payment before starting a project?

A: I do require a 25% non-refundable deposit of a quoted project to get production started.

Q: Are there any contracts to sign?

A: Yes, a good faith work order agreement and a licensing agreement if applicable to a project.

Q: Can I take possession of a finished project before paying for it?

A: Sorry, all projects must be paid in full before finished productions are released.

Q: Can I provide and use project elements I want?

A: Absolutely! The more help you can provide me in assembling your production, the more I'm able to adjust the initial costs and pass those savings back to you.

Q: Do I own the material(s) in the project when it's finished?

A: You would own exclusive rights to intellectual property within the project provided by you.

Q: Would I own the entire final project as a whole?

A: For all intends and purposes you would own the exclusive rights to use the finished project whenever, however and as often as you wish. Since I don't practice selling intellectual property rights or copyrights outwardly (including original music) I retain all those exclusive rights, less of coarse, any IP elements owned and provided by you as stated above or we agree to a 'work for hire' process. Meaning you can't re-sell IP or copyrights of original works in a project owned by Roland Music USA for further profit. This is duly noted and disclosed for all interested parties before and after a project is completed.



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