RMUSA graphic design montage of the Holy Bible's New Testament of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.
Illistrations drawn by William Hole, cataloged in the Public Domain.

So what is... and determines creativity anyway?

cre • a • tive (krēˈātiv)
relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work : (change unleashes people's creative energy ) creative thinking, writing. • (of a person) having good imagination or original ideas :
Homer, the creative genius of Greek epic.
a person who is creative, typically in a professional context.

'Creative' as defined in the English Dictionary… isn't monetarily attached or dependent. Though most believe the myth, the more money you throw at the project budget the better the creative result will be. But since when does money gauge the degree of creativity? Creative ingredients start with desire and passion and is further transformed and optimized with experience and resourcefulness. It shouldn't be formulated based on price. If your not receiving that in principle, then you'll probably wind up paying too much.

re • source • ful (riˈsôrsfəl; -ˈzôrs-)
having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

Don't be deceived by all the latest, greatest hype. Simplicity is still the best option. Much like a chain's strength is only as strong as it's weakest link... a creative media production service is only as good as it's ability to convey it's customers needs effectively and economically.

While other media production services are busy looking for opportunities...
We're busy creating them!
Don't get BURNED! Enjoy your toast made just right.

Roland Music USA now offers 'Classic Style'
Stop-Motion Photography Animation for your business.

Stop-motion photography is a timeless art form that has been raising eyebrows for well over a century. It's mesmerizing visual signature continues to stand alone and rival against some of today's best computer animations. The utilization of real world photographed objects produce a far greater visual realism and illusion of movement of 'still' inanimate objects over computer generated characters and subject material.

Transform your ordinary advertising spots into extraordinary masterpieces
that will leap out above all the rest.
Here’s your opportunity to add the element of surprise and enhance
your business product, service or message with this rare, amazing and delightful art form.

STOP-MOTION Photography Animation
Creative Scripting & Copy Writing
Variable Time Frame Custom Lengths
Logo / Trademark / Service Mark
Internet / Broadcast / Cable / Multimedia
Product / Service / Message
Business / PSA / Non-Profit
Many Formats
Free Consultation




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